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An energy audit, in very brief summary, is a assessment of how your home and you, the homeowner, use/lose energy. From there, we build a comprehensive plan of action and/or a list of recommendations tailored to your needs and budget!

How does it work?

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  • Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program
  • EmPower New York Program
  • Comfort Homes Program
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umm... What's an energy audit?

Energy Audit breakdown

First, we gather some information so we can start on a path that works with you and your income. This may include applying to subsidy opportunities, enrolling in incentive programs, or just hearing out your concerns.

Next comes the on-site audit. This is when a licensed auditor comes to your homes and performs a whole house safety and building performance test. There are several components : CAZ safety testing, blower door testing, photo documentation / walk through, and paperwork signing.

After the audit is completed, it takes about a week for the analyst to breakdown the targeted components of the workscope (i.e. insulation, air sealing, mechanical replacements, humidity resolution, etc.) and build possible packages.

Once the packages are together, someone from our office will give you a call to talk about your options or schedule a time to meet with the auditor.

Here at Eco Energy, we want you to make the best decision for you. We work intimately with customers to ensure that your comfort, security, and budget are met with the most efficient systems and home performance. Starting with a FREE energy audit!